Vertical Squirrels


Called an “an unclassifiable blast of fresh air” by the Montreal Mirror, with their album Hold True (Accroche-toi) chosen as one of the top ten offerings in 2010, the music of the Vertical Squirrels is group-improvised, live in the moment, and draws on a potent mixture of free jazz and post rock sensibilities with nods to Indian ragas, jazz-inflected minimalism, Zappa-esque bouts of sonic anarchy, and German rock music from the 1970s.

Performances at the Sound Symposium in Newfoundland  Sound Changes festival and the Raise the Sun benefit concert for tsunami victims in Japan saw the band playing to its strengths creating organic soundscapes and incendiary, energy-driven improvisations that consistently defy genre, as well as maintaining a constant interest in the role of music in community-building and social change.

Like the music they play, the Vertical Squirrels came together through a mixture of chance and perseverance. Their most recent recording Time of the Sign, features Jane Bunnett, Ben Grossman, and Scott Merritt and has been called "among the very best recordings of 2014."