Thanks to IICSI film team: Kimber Sider, Justine Richardson, Jackson Klie
Thanks to the GBHS team: Denise Francis, Laura Bailey, Dan Maitland, Kerry-Ann Cornwall, Donna Vandermeulen, Henrietta Coole, and ‘Big John’ Leacock
Thanks to the Art Gallery of Guelph team: Andrew Hunter, Noah Brown, Kerry-Ann Cornwall, Reighen and Jaeden Grineage , Donna Vandermeulen, and Maggie Hunter
Thanks to The Silence team: Petra Nyendick, Megan De Roover, Jerry Prager, Robert Harris, Daniel Fischlin, Gary Diggins, Dru Jacey, and Lewis Melville

Thanks to Thomas H. King for photographing and to Lewis Melville for on-site recording  and post-production.

Thanks as well to the Canadian Council for the Arts, the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, The Guelph Community Foundation–Musagetes, the Art Gallery of Guelph, and the Guelph Civic Museum.

Tabby leading the parade