Songs of the Future

(featuring The Tomorrow Collective)


Thirty-three songs about a possible future: a musical prophecy.

Consider this album a roadmap, a guideline, a composite of predictions––an assembly of cautionary revelations born from social and political anxieties present in the lead-up to a national election in an imaginary country.

The thirty-three compositions issue from a community of musicians and songwriters envisioning a positive future built from a thoughtful, hopeful, uncertain, fraught, and radical present.

Songs on this album were generated from a simple challenge: write a two-minute composition about our future––on short notice––imagine sounds to come.

The results shifted the imaginary of political discussions away from tired tropes of economic recovery, personal financial success, and innovation towards more of the same, sounding instead concerns about climate change, world peace, militarization, and the emancipatory possibilities of local community, to name a few.

Songs of the Future sings out an egalitarian roadmap for what is possible when ordinary people take control of the conversation about urgent social concerns––can creativity translate into social practices that offer up hope and resilience in difficult times?

To suddenly not know what to do next, to be at a loose end just before going somewhere, is to be listening.
––Amit Chaudhuri