The Silence Collective 

Madhur Anand, Spoken Word/Poet

Jeff Bird, Graphic Score Composer, Filmmaker

Matt Brubeck, Cello

Gary Diggins, Cornet, Waterfall Kalimba**

Christine Duncan, Voice

Daniel Fischlin, Guitars, Monotronics, Water ImaginÆrium*

Karen Houle, Spoken Word/Poet

Kathryn Ladano, Bass Clarinet

Lewis Melville, Electric Banjo, BetaBlock

Joe Sorbara, Percussion, Klepsydra** 

Instrument Makers:

*Tony Duggan-Smith, Mark Kett

**Nik Harron

Music produced and mixed by Jeff Bird •Mastered by Bova Lab Studio • Graphics and Design: Nick Craine Illustration• Photography by Jeremy Shute • Website Design: Northern VillageAdditional audio recording: Lewis Melville

River Chants  Silence Collective


About Silence

Silence is an independent, DIY, community-engaged venue in downtown Guelph, Ontario dedicated to presenting sounds and musical practices that are diverse, challenging, sustainable and accessible through concerts, workshops and improvisation sessions. Silence serves as an incubator for practitioners and listeners alike.

     Silence is unbiased in regard to genre, culture, class, and tradition; we foster risk-taking, innovation and experimentation in all forms of music and sound, as well as other artistic expressions presented in the space.

Silence is and will remain an accessible space. 

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