Ron Gaskin  (in memoriam)

 RiverChants is dedicated to the memory of Ron Gaskin (April 16, 1949-August 18, 2020)

Rebel promoter, sonic instigator, deeply knowledgeable radio announcer, fosterer of improbable musical relationships, indefatigable curator of unexpected flows–Ron was a key devisor of the flourishing improvised music scene in Canada.  


When everything arrived, it was here already. 

A share in the living world.

We start with what is there.

We stumble in the dark over it. 

In broad daylight, like swamps,

we drilled a hole in wetland history,

which caused a system failure; 

a failure to believe that because we couldn’t see it

it wasn’t there …

Karen Houle,  The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology  

Ron Gaskin