Morning Music

Morning Music began in 2012 in an old garage on an industrial street in Guelph, Ontario. Since then, and without missing a week, sonic explorers have gathered at Silence on Monday mornings to drink espresso and immerse themselves in spontaneous musical dialogues. Music is played in a context where professional and amateur, newbie and old pro come together to listen and cocreate with whatever tools areavailable in the moment. Sounds unfold with (and without) relation to genre and convention, and they do so in a spirit of community dialogue where judgment is set aside in the name of the freedom to explore.

In various unpredictable combinations, the sounds of a saxophone French horn or shakuhachi might mingle with a terz guitar, voice, bass clarinet, hurdy gurdy, glockenspeil, a vintage analogue sampling sequencer, a banged-up baritone, a trombone, or a homemade DIY instrument.

Within moments the cinder block walls and exposed I-beams are dripping with resonant exudates of fiery imaginations, creative passion, and residual caffeine. Spontaneous song, poetry, and movement regularly erupt. Rules are regularly broken. Much laughter occurs. And tension and dissonance add urgency to the proceedings.

This CD is comprised of a selected harvest of organic sun-ripened, air-dried, improvised live-in-the-moment soundscapes. No artificial sweeteners have been added and tasteful overdubs have been avoided.

Musicians featured on this recording include: Jeff Bird, Matt Brubeck, Jeff Cairns, Gary Diggins, Jocelyn Drainie, Daniel Fischlin, Dennis Gaumond, Ben Grossman, Dong-Won Kim, Tom King, Mike Kosir, Louisa Krátká, Gord Laird, David Lee, Lauren Levesque, Lewis Melville, John and Dani Proctor, Brent Rowan, Eden Segal-Grossman, Isabel Segal-Grossman, Sparrow, Chris Tonelli, and Tom Wolf.

Morning Music sessions provide an opportunity for adventurous musicians to gather together in a safe space to try new instruments, generate new sounds, and range freely from sonic mayhem to trance vibrations.