Two Hundred Questions:

a collective acoustic reflection on the future


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Ensemble ReSauvage
Daniel Fischlin / Lewis Melville / Erwan Noblet


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Recorded as part of the Feedback Loop installation hosted at Silence (Guelph) in April 2022.

Two Hundred Questions is an all-analog soundscape, sonic rewilding based on an improvised conversation among multi-instrumentalists Daniel Fischlin, Lewis Melville, and Erwan Noblet (Ensemble Resauvage). 


Disturbing tones, unexpected convergences, and protolinguistic sounds mingle with questions from different generations of people, echoing the perplexity of an uncertain future.


Is art the history of a future yet to be made?

What might the future mean?

Recorded live at Silence (Guelph), Sunday, March 7, 2022.
Barcode Free Music (BFM010)


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Daniel Fischlin: Apprehension Engine, Monotronics, Flutes / Whistles / Rattles, Voice
Lewis Melville: BetaBlock, Pedal Steel, Electric Banjo, Guitar, Voice
Erwan Noblet: Lead Vocals, Carillon Koshi (Air)

With the participation of:

Children’s questions: Norah, Maeve, Elise Jardelot. Adult questions: Lucy Bilson, Sophie Brown, Aimee Copping, Daniel Fischlin, Nick Fraser, Lewis Melville, Erwan Noblet, Cathy Nosaty, Shaghayegh Yassemi.

Dedicated to the ever-inspiring George Lipsitz.


Recording Engineer: Lewis Melville
Sound Editor/Conceptor/Montage: Erwan Noblet
Text and Design: Lucy Bilson
Mastering: BackYard Studios, Guelph, Ontario


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Video Credits:

Beak Fad Pool: A Video Concoction of Commonplace Content

Conceived and edited by Nick Fraser with creative and technical contributions by Lucy Bilson, Sophie Brown, Rodney Diverlus, Brittany Farhat, Matt Fong, Cathy Nosaty, John Russon, and Bob Wiseman.

Soundscape: Ensemble ReSauvage

Including stunning graphics designed by Lucy Bilson, and an evocative video, Beak Fad Pool, conceived by Nick Fraser––all part of the Feedback Loop installation and performances associated with the Two Hundred Questions for the Future concept.

Ambient, creative improvised music, experimental soundscape.