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The WholeNote Review of The Murmuring

David Olds's review of the first recording of the Apprehension Engine in a group context.

The Apprehension Engine live in a Cemetery

October 20, 2017

The Apprehension Engine live in a Cemetery, performed by film composer Mark Korven. Atlas Obscura's annual festival "Under the Veil" takes place at night in the 200-year-old historic Greenwood cemetery. Festival goers wander through the grounds catching unusual musical performers on pathways, mausoleums, and in this case, the chapel. This year it took place on Friday the 13th.

The Scary Sound Machine That Is 'Trying To Set People A Little Bit Off-Kilter'

October 19, 2017, NPR Music

Film composer Mark Korven, known for his soundtrack to The Witch, commissioned an instrument called the Apprehension Engine to create scary soundscapes.

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Horror Musical Instrument - The Apprehension Engine

September 30, 2016, Indie Music Publisher (YouTube)

Apprehension Engine Performance video

"I made a sketch of an idea I had for an instrument that specialized in creating horrifying sounds, and I got my good friend Tony Duggan-Smith to build it for me, with the intention of using it in a horror film score."
-Mark Korven 

The Apprehension Engine - Horror Suite Part 2

July 15, 2018, Indie Music Publisher (YouTube)

More music from this strange creation The Apprehension Engine. Concept Mark Korven, built by Tony Duggan-Smith.

Apprehension Engine

Additional videos and information about the Apprehension Engine.

The Apprehension Engine: beautiful and terrifying

September 18, 2017, GuelphToday

Not for the faint of heart, Canadian film composer Mark Korven played one of his newer instruments, the Apprehension Engine, for the first time as part of an ensemble.

Created by renowned guitar maker Tony Duggan-Smith and commissioned by Korven, the apprehension engine is part bass and six-string guitar, hurdy-gurdy, percussive instrument and much more. It was designed to create sounds that would help score horror films and has since been used in the film The Witch.

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July 14, 2017. Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

"The mission was to make something that causes people to feel strange and uncomfortable," Duggan-Smith says. "With a guitar, I'm trying to make a beautiful instrument with the sweetest, most pleasing sound possible. With the Apprehension Engine, we're trying to annoy people."

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