“Korven … with local Guelph artists Matt Brubeck, Gary Diggins, Daniel Fischlin, Lewis Melville, and Joe Sorbara, played an … improvised set that was transcendent and tightly captured the audience’s attention.”
- Zoey Ross, GuelphToday

Apprehension Engine

Spawned by the imagination of Canadian composer Mark Korven and a trail of musical exploration going back over a thousand years, the APPREHENSION ENGINE was “birthed” in 2016 by instrument maker and musician Tony Duggan-Smith—the result of a two-week  lockdown in a small Toronto workshop following the mantra of ‘what if’ and ‘why not.’

This recording captures highlights from the three sets that were played by the SILENCE COLLECTIVE, a group of experienced improvisers who, meeting for the first time with Mark Korven, and completely unrehearsed, improvised the music heard here featuring an unprecedented new Canadian-made instrument that has received international acclaim.

The performers sat facing the audience and in front of a screen playing an experimental film created by Guelph musician and multimedia artist Jeff Bird. The film was based entirely on images taken by Duggan-Smith of his 92-year-old mother before she died, a living memory of a remarkable woman that the musicians were invited to respond to as an inspiration for the evening’s improvisations.

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Matt BRUBECK (cello); Gary DIGGINS (trumpet, santoor, conch, water wheel, voice, didgeridoo); Daniel FISCHLIN (guitar [by Tony Duggan-Smith], flutes, monotron); Mark KORVEN (Apprehension Engine); Lewis MELVILLE (pedal steel, banjo); Joe SORBARA (percussion)


Produced by: Tony Duggan-Smith, Daniel Fischlin, Lewis Melville
Recording Engineer: Lewis Melville
Mastering: Philip Shaw Bova
Cover Art, Design, Graphics: Lucas Duggan-Smith, Joan Duggan-Smith
Photos: Tony Duggan-Smith, Mark Korven, Daniel Ap
Film of Joan Duggan-Smith (based on Tony Duggan-Smith stills): Jeff Bird