Barcode Free Music

The Barcode Free Music site promotes alternative forms of musical cocreation that are community-based and socially-engaged, bringing these projects to a wider audience.

BFM is an artists' and musicians' collective that advocates on behalf of regional musicians who are extending the boundaries of their creative process.

BFM focuses its energies on intergenerational musical projects that have a strong sense of social justice and on music that:

• nurtures intercultural encounter(s);

• that encourages youth and diverse communities to cocreate;

• that expands and redefines the frontiers of convention and experimentalism;

• that emerges from and fosters public commons spaces;

• that is genre-breaking and defiantly autonomous;

• that champions freedom of expression;

• that resists commodification;

• and that cultivates improvisation, experimentation, and risk-taking.

BFM works closely with community partners to support outside-the-box approaches to making more music happen, making that music more widely available, and advocating for musicians who work outside of conventional commercial contexts. We embrace stories and sounds that challenge, disrupt, and re-invent.

We are a 100% not-for-profit collective whose values  align with the text box quotes we have randomized throughout the site.